You’ve heard of building bicycles for charity and for improving team skills…but building wheelchairs?  Try your hand at a different sort of charity team building event: we call it Wheelcharity ™.

Give back in a brand new way by helping local citizens who face mobility challenges.  Your group assembles wheelchairs together and then donates them to a local hospital, vet center, or rehab facility: wherever they’re needed.

Fulfill a strong need in our community.

WheelCharity-Wheelchair-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoDid you know an estimated 1.7 million Americans use wheelchairs*?  Experts theorize that advances in medicine means more survivors but also more demand for wheelchairs.  The use of wheelchairs has skyrocketed in the past 30 years!*

To help fulfill the intense need for more wheelchairs, we developed Wheelcharity ™.  Your group can give back in a way that makes a real impact on people who need help.  Wheelchairs are surprisingly expensive, so many people rely on programs like the ones we work with.

But it’s more than just building wheelchairs.

If you’re familiar with our bicycle team building workshop, then you’ll get the concept here, too.  We lead your group through a series of challenges and hands-on activities that help them improve their skills.  These skills include:

  • communication
  • collaboration
  • big picture thinking
  • creative problem solving

Of course we don’t just give away those parts and tools, either!  Teams must compete and use good teamwork skills to earn them.  Once each team has amassed all the necessary parts and tools, they begin collaborating to build their wheelchairs.

Wheelcharity-Man-In-WheelchairBut they’re still not done.  Once the chairs are assembled, teams may personalize them with decorations meant to inspire the recipients.

As you can see, it’s not just about assembling wheelchairs.  Likewise, it’s not just about having a good time!  Your group will do both, of course, but they’ll also be developing important skills they’ll use back in the office.  And, but working together on a common social charity mission, they’ll gain a deeper understanding of each other, too.  Better relationships at work means better communication and increased productivity- something we all want!

We’ll customize the workshop for you.

Actually, speaking of personalizing the wheelchairs, this is where the customization comes in.  Wheelcharity ™ has two different endings.  We can go one of two ways with your tailored workshop:

  1. If your team is creative, we have them adorn the wheelchairs for the recipients.  Teams usually enjoy this, as it adds a personal touch to their donations and gives them a chance to express themselves.
  2. If your team is up for more action then we have them compete on a wheelchair obstacle course.  Using the chairs grants a deeper understanding of the people’s lives who have to use them.

Let us know how much time you’d like to dedicate to your Wheelcharity™ event.  We can customize that, too.  They usually last 2.5 hours but we can go longer or shorter to fit your agenda.  Just say the word!

If you’d like to schedule a Wheelcharity ™ Wheelchair Team Building workshop for your group, call us any time.



*Source: Mobility Device Statistics- United States