Wagon Builders

As charity team building workshops go, we know the bicycle building event really tops the cake when it comes to a fun day doing good things for the community.

Wagon-Builders-Charity-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoBut did you know that little red wagons can do just as much for your community as bikes for kids? That’s what Wagon Builders™ is all about: your group coming together to build something of value for families in your town.

Here’s how little red wagons serve the community.

This workshop blends the ideas of team building with charity work, just like the bike build events we’re famous for. Only this time, your group will be assembling little red wagons and filling them with much-needed household items for families, kids, or whomever you choose for the receiving charity.

Some groups fill their wagons with toys for the holidays. Others fill them with household supplies for struggling families. Others choose food items for families who frequent food pantries- each and every way you can think of to fill a little red wagon goes in some way to benefit your community.

Building wagons strengthens your community and your team!

Like our bike build event, the Wagon Builders™ charity team building workshop serves more than one purpose. The charity aspect is plain to see, what with items going directly to local charities.

The other way Wagon Builders™ serves is to bolster up team skills like communication and collaboration. Similar in structure to the bicycle building workshop, this workshop too has teams work for their parts and tools.

Teams compete in a friendly, no-stress environment where obstacles can only be overcome by demonstrating good teamwork. Participants work together to solve puzzles and jump over other figurative hurdles to earn the parts to make wagons and the tools to put them together.

The charity mission keeps them motivated and the teamwork lessons keep them challenged- making the perfect combination for a great day of team building activities.

Some valuable skills we focus upon in Wagon Builders™…

Teams work together as mini units to collaborate and achieve their workshop goals, which have been set by the facilitators. The problems they solve will call upon them to put their heads together and use their best communication skills. Encouraging input from every member is part of the plan too, since we know that works in everyone’s favor in the long run.

We also encourage participants to use other team building skills such as:

  • tapping into creativity
  • collaboration
  • listening to others/accepting diversity of ideas

By hearing out their colleagues in every situation where input is called for, participants in this workshop become accustomed to the idea of recognizing value in diversity. We aim for total participation here, and the more your team puts this into practice in a workshop setting, the more likely it is to transfer back to the workplace as well.

If you’d like to learn more about Wagon Builders™, a fun and productive workshop that donates to charity, please call us today or fill out the handy quote form. We’d love to hear from you!