The Big Picture

Everyone lends a hand in The Big Picture ™.

The-Big-Picture-Mural-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoEver worked on a group project where just a few dominant types took the reins and steered the whole thing? Everything was done their way and everyone else simply followed along.

Well that’s not always the most efficient way to run a business. Studies show that the strongest teams are those where everyone adds to the overall outcome of goals.

The Big Picture ™ requires a hands-on contribution from every participant.

Teamwork means getting input from everyone. Teams thrive when people feel comfortable adding to group projects according to their own strengths. When that happens, the team excels at problem-solving, thinking outside the box, and innovation.

In this workshop, the goal is to complete a group art project. Everyone contributes according to his or her own strengths. We’re all different in this regard, and participants learn that’s an asset!

The Big Picture ™ is made possible only by having everyone pitch in.

The-Big-Picture-Hands-On-Art-Supplies-300pxThis workshop isn’t about finding the fastest way to reach a goal. Like real-world projects where quality matters, it’s about finding the best way to complete a project. And study after study shows that the only way for a team to reach maximum effectiveness is to have input from every single member.

Once team members realize that each and every one of them adds value to any project, they open up doors to new ways of achieving their goals…and more choices means better overall performance.

Are you a Picasso or a Monet? All styles welcome!

In this art-inspired workshop, activities are aimed at helping everyone’s creative side emerge. The fun is seeing the wonderful variety of artistic styles, and then seeing how each becomes part of the whole collaborative effort as the team finishes the art project.

Creativity is useful in more ways than one in this workshop: it lends beauty and originality to the group collage but it also helps in problem-solving. Back to the original theme: when everyone participates in group projects, productivity levels shoot skyward!

That’s because every idea is a good one, even if it doesn’t offer an immediate solution. Sometimes our ideas will spark the imaginations of others in the group, leading to a solution. The Big Picture™ gives participants a stress-free zone for practicing collaboration and tapping into creativity.

Gaining confidence in the workshop can lead to more confidence in the workroom when collaboration is called for. Plus, practice in tapping into the creative sides of our brains is always useful. Most of us use our creative capabilities far too infrequently at work, to the detriment of our productivity!

More about The Big Picture ™

The large work of art your group will come away with is both a symbol of what they can achieve with teamwork, and a memento of their day with us. It can be transported back to your work place and hung where it will inspire participants to apply what they learned to everyday situations at work.

Here are some of the skills they’ll be covering during this workshop:

  • sharing information
  • dealing with feedback
  • tapping in creativity
  • collaboration
  • overcoming fears of contributing
  • working with limited resources

It’s a fun event, and at the same time it requires participants to stretch just a bit into new roles that will make them more productive at work.

If you’d like to learn more about this team building workshop then don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out our quote form. We’d love to hear from you!