Team Synergy

What would happen if all your star performers were able to work as one, on a team?

Skyrocketing success, that’s what! Team Synergy ™ is for groups full of high-performing all-stars seeking to merge their abilities toward better teamwork.

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoLet’s face it: for some all-star employees, individual success comes naturally but teamwork doesn’t. Top performing players are naturally competitive and sometimes reluctant to share information. All this makes for something short of optimal conditions for productivity.

That’s why we created Team Synergy ™, a workshop that focuses on getting participants to collaborate with one another for group success.

Team Synergy ™: a new kind of challenge for your high-performing group.

Team-Synergy-EscherIndividuals accustomed to personal success at work sometimes need a little coaxing when it comes to working on a team. It’s a new kind of challenge: asking them to collaborate with others.

We put the usual friendly competitive tasks on the back burner for Team Synergy ™, allowing for a more collaborative environment. The interactive modules stress working together, appreciating diversity, and allowing each team member a chance to contribute to the total solution. Listening skills necessary!

When individual strengths are woven together and then focused on a common problem, we call that Team Synergy ™.

What skills are needed for Team Synergy™?

The hands-on activities of this workshop stress the following goals, which build synergy for your team:

  • improving communication
  • tapping into creativity
  • solving problems creatively
  • dealing with limited resources
  • macro thinking, as opposed to micro thinking

Bridging the gap between workshop and workplace.

Team-Synergy-Group-At-Table-300pxNot only do we develop relevant skills in this workshop, but we also help participants transfer the lessons learned back to their work environment. Each activity parallels something that can take place at work- the skills necessary to reach workshop goals are the same skills necessary to succeed at work.

We like to incorporate another little challenge for your high-performing group. It’s called “meta thinking”, which is just another way of saying we like to “debrief” participants on what took place during the workshop activities. With a little discussion on how the skills targeted in the workshop play a role in success at work, we’re helping your team lock in those skills for future performance.

Who knew all this could be so much fun?

True to the very nature of our team building workshops, all this is a lot of fun! We design our workshops to be productive and helpful to teams, but the nature of our hands-on activities and the passion of our facilitators means it all ends up being an incredibly fun day too!

If your high-performance team is ready for a fun challenge and some Team Synergy ™, please call us today. You can also fill out the quote form- either way we’ll be happy to talk to you about scheduling your very own Team Synergy ™ Team Building Workshop!