Team Fusion

Even the most efficient teams can let things slip when outside forces work against them.

When adversity presents itself it can threaten unity, motivation and productivity. The Team Fusion™ workshop helps groups counter those outside forces that are keeping them from doing their best, whether it’s corporate change or any other event putting them off balance.

A team building workshop for when it really matters most.

This is a workshop for teams who face challenges and risk not only weakened productivity but also a drop in morale. Any manager knows this is a danger sign that something terrible is underfoot and it can multiply and quickly get out of hand. Nip problems in the bud with a realignment session: Team FusioTeam-Fusion-Corporate-Team-Building-Workshop-Logon™.

Great teamwork is a delicate balance of trust, respect, alignment of values and goals, plus a healthy working environment where everyone feels comfortable contributing in his or her own unique ways.

Why teams need Team Fusion™

The slightest of events can dissolve trust, create fear, and put a damper on communication faster than you can say “teamwork”. It can be the hiring of a new manager, the retirement of a long-term employee, a physical move of offices, or something larger in the company, at the corporate level.

All these things are commonly known to shred productivity down to the lowest of levels. Good thing we know how to turn the tide on low morale, corporate change, and shifts in staffing!

Team Fusion™ is the remedy for team disunity.

We create each Team Fusion™ workshop from the ground up. Every group is different, and every group is facing a unique set of challenges. After we consult with the team leader to find out the exact nature of the challenges your team is facing, we set to work creating a custom plan just for your group.

That’s why it’s important to define your goals. If that’s a challenge for you, we can help with that, too. Maybe your goal is to integrate new employees into the group. Maybe it’s to help a new manager bond with her team. Maybe your goal is simply to get everyone back on the same page again after a long summer holiday session.

Whatever your goals, Team Fusion™ sets everything right again. Participants appreciate the stress-free zone we create with our initial icebreaker activities. We keep the stress levels down by emphasizing the friendly nature of the hands-on activities, meanwhile making sure the message gets through, too. That message is always about team building skills like communication, collaboration and seeing the big picture.

Team Fusion™ is for leaders too.

We customize this workshop in several ways, but one way is if your group is comprised of leaders. When that’s the case, we borrow elements from a leadership program, where elements such as leadership skills come into play as well.

Another way of customizing the workshop is the time element. From 2.5 hours to a full day, we can adjust the activities to fit your schedule. It combines nicely with the bicycle team building event we’re so famous for, to make a full day event.

If you’d like to learn more about Team Fusion™ and how it can help your team, contact one of our team building specialists or fill out our request form for a custom quote.