Puttin Pantry

Biking is a great theme for charity team building workshops, but how about golfing? In Puttin Pantry, teams join forces to design, create, and build mini golf courses, then they compete on them.

The clincher? The building materials are completely not what you’d expect! They’re cleverly tied in with the charity dimension to this event, which is to donate pantry food items to a local food pantry. Therefore, teams are crafting their unique golf courses with boxed and canned food items!

The many faces of mini golf: everyone gets a role!

One thing we love to teach in our team building workshops is the value of total participation in group projects. This concept works for our activities but also back at the office, where getting value from every employee is part of managing a great team that’s consistently productive.

Well, from concept to construction, Puttin Pantry involves many different roles for your team players to take on. There’s the brainstorming phase where groups plan their courses- some will excel at leading the discussion while others might provide the creativity required to envision such a project.

There are other roles too, and each participant can find his or her own niche, contributing tPuttin-Pantry-Team-Building-Workshop-Logoo his or her best ability and talents. Just like it’s supposed to work in the office! Some are leaders, some are do-ers while others love to make sure everyone’s getting what they need and communication channels are open. Others love to cover the details and make sure the little things are covered. There’s a role for everyone!

Working for a local charity means everyone’s motivated to reach their goals.

We love the collaborative spirit that emerges when groups get together to do good for others. If you’ve already participated in one of our bicycle building workshops then you know all about it already!

There’s just a natural energy that rises out of groups who work together for a common cause. We put that energy to work for you: by placing carefully constructed challenges before your group, we encourage the best of teamwork and skills development.

How a mini golf course gets built: teamwork!

While they’re having fun designing and building their zany putting greens, each team is also developing practical skills. These include the following, all useful back at the office:

  • communication
  • collaboration
  • organization
  • big picture thinking
  • thinking outside the box
  • recognizing diversity of communication styles

When everyone takes part and tests out new ways of communicating, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles together, everyone wins. The stakes are low here, so it’s a no-stress zone for experimentation and growth. Team connections are strengthened, personal skills are bolstered, and the whole group comes away with valuable lessons learned about working together towards a common goal.

The final wrap-up: puttin’ fun in the mix!

Once each putting green has been completed, teams take turns competing on them to see whose is the best. Points are given for creativity of course! Once all the fun is over, courses are broken down and food items are grouped for delivery to the food pantry of choice.

If you’d like to schedule a Puttin’ Pantry charity team building workshop for your group, don’t hesitate to call or fill out our quote form. If you have your own charity in mind, mention it to the team building specialist and we’ll work with them to get everything in place for your donations.