Mission Military Care

It’s hard to find anyone who would argue with us on this one: our military service men and women really know the meaning of courage!  We applaud that courage and that’s why we offer the Mission Military Care ™  team building workshop.

This is a workshop that benefits military service men and women stationed overseas: we assemble care packages and get them shipped out where they’re needed most.  Your group has a direct hand in putting the donations together, working as a team and strengthening bonds and important skills.

Here’s how Mission Military Care works.

Mission-Military-Care-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoMission Military Care ™ is a chance for your group to make a real, tangible positive impact on the lives of overseas service men and women, those who inspire us to be courageous every day.

Through hands-on activities that encourage and strengthen teamwork skills, participants learn the meaning of courage themselves, as they stretch into new ways of communicating, collaborating, and getting the job done as a team.

After all, it takes courage to try new things!  We make the environment in the workshop as stress-free as possible so nobody feels uncomfortable putting on a new hat or daring to participate when they’re not accustomed to doing so.  It’s everyone’s chance to step into new roles and see the other side of things, allowing for new patterns of teamwork to emerge: better than before!

We partner with national organizations to get care packages sent around the world.

After your teams have assembled care packages, we get them to one of three organizations we’ve partnered with just for this workshop:

  1. Operation Gratitude
  2. Operation Shoebox

They’ll make sure your donations get sent to men and women stationed in far-away places.

The care packages can be filled with a variety of items.  For example, during the Holidays we like to send holiday gifts and fun seasonal items.  Other times of the year the packages can contain personal care items, entertainment goodies, or anything you can dream up for these service men and women.

Courage inspires courage.

Mission-Military-Care-BearFinding courage to offer your input on group projects is something we like to encourage in this workshop.  Of course the courage of our military service men and women is incredibly inspiring toward that end!  We do everything we can to create a supporting environment for experimentation- allowing each member to contribute in his or her own way, whether it’s with creative input, organizational skills, or brainstorming new ways to accomplish the tasks set before them.  When everyone participates, everyone wins…another lesson learned from our military!

If you’d like to learn more about how your group can support our overseas military members, just give us a call or fill out our quote form.