Mission: Kids Care

We know there’s no joy like the magic of giving a kid a bike.

That’s why our bike building workshops are so incredibly popular. But there’s another way to help out kids in your neighborhood, and that’s by donating things they desperately need for school.

In Mission: Kids Care, your team puts together fun backpacks filled with everything kids need to go to school. Whether it’s the back to school season or not, kids love these stuffed backpacks and the goodies your team puts inside them. It’s all about being prepared for school, any time of year.

Here’s how it all works.

Unless you have kids in school, you may not know that the back-to-school season is a huge financial burden on some families. There are backpacks to buy, plus notebooks, pens, and so much more. Many parents find this to be an extremely stressful financial time of year.Mission-Kids-Care-Team-Building-Workshop-Logo

That’s where the Mission: Kids Care team building workshop comes in. Your group develops team skills like communication while assembling school supply-stuffed backpacks for local kids. It eases the burden of going back to school or at any time year, simply going to school, period.

It’s social change at a local level, helping kids prepare for school, thereby preparing them for success.

Preparing for success: something we can all relate to!

The lessons in this workshop range from the value of good communication to the importance of preparing for anything you do at work.

So often in our busy lives at work there’s no time to thoroughly prepare for team projects. If we’d all only slow down and do just a little prep work for our tasks, productivity would level up to expectations.

In this workshop, we focus on the value of proper preparation as we help kids prepare for school. As you can see, it’s a theme that fits anyone, anywhere!

Here’s how we do it.

We begin with ice breakers, just to let everyone know they’re in a stress-free zone. That way, when they’re called upon to stretch into new roles with new ways of communicating, they’ll be fearless and confident!

Then we put your team through some fun hands-on activities designed to wake up communication and get everyone thinking creatively. Then it’s on to assembling those school items into fun backpacks that kids love (and parents do too!).

All the while, teams aren’t exactly aware they’re developing work skills. They’re just having fun working for a common cause! In the end, your group makes an important donation to charity but also comes away with strengthened teamwork skills.

It’s a win for you, your company’s sense of Corporate Social Responsibility, and of course for some of the area’s neediest families, who struggle year-round with keeping their kids fully supplied for school.

Check out our Mission: Kids Care workshop any time of year, not just during the late summer back-to-school season. Give us a call or fill out the quote form and we can schedule one for you any time you like.