Donate a Dinner

Did you know 1 in 6 people in the USA face hunger?

Building bikes is a wonderful way to give back to the community, but helping to end hunger in your community is pretty important too!

If you’ve done the bicycle team building workshop a few times why not try something different?  Donate a Dinner ™ is another of our charity time building workshops that provides groups a way to give back while they build their teamwork skills.

Donate a Dinner ™: helping to end hunger.

Donate-A-Dinner-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoThis workshop benefits people who are going hungry.   In the US, households with children a far more likely to face hunger than those without kids.  But hunger affects all ages: in 2013, 9% of all seniors were “food insecure”.

And there’s no part of the country where hunger doesn’t exist.  Every single county has its share of hunger, with food insecurity rates ranging from a low of 4% in Slope County, ND to a high of 33% in Humphreys County, MS*.

Hunger is everywhere, but there is something you can do to help.  By choosing the Donate a Dinner™ workshop, you are making a concrete donation to a local food pantry to help feed people right in your own community.

How Donate a Dinner ™ works.

This workshop begins with ice breakers, then moves on to more hands-on activities designed to challenge and strengthen teamwork skills.  These skills include:

  • communication
  • collaboration
  • big picture thinking
  • creative problem solving

Each activity builds on the previous modules so that participants are gradually easing into new and improved ways of communicating and problem-solving.  It’s a no-stress environment so they always feel comfortable (never silly or embarrassed!) trying new things and flexing their teamwork muscles.

Achieving small goals leads to big rewards.

Each puzzle that’s solved, each obstacle that’s overcome leads to success in the form of points.  At the end of the workshop, points get converted to dinners!  That means the harder your group works on putting good teamwork skills into action, the bigger their donation will be in the end.

Talk about motivation to succeed!

Teams who lag behind in their teamwork skills will end up with smaller donations…there’s a little pressure here to do well!  Never fear, however: we’ve never seen any team do less than their all-out best!

Customize your Donate a Dinner™ workshop.

This is a charity workshop, meaning the focus is on coming together to do good things for the community.  That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t target some important skills while we’re at it.  Let us know if you’d like our facilitators to stress communication, or any other team skill you have in mind.  We can cover it all during a consultation where we get to know your goals for the event.

If your company’s donation process works through a 501(c) structure, then we can customize the workshop so that instead of dinners, your group’s points get converted to dollars.  Just let us know and we’ll make sure everything is set up just your way.

Questions?  Call us or fill out the quote form here and we’ll let you know how to schedule your own Donate a Dinner ™ workshop, made just for your group.


*Source: “Hunger and Poverty Facts”, Feeding America.  Retrieved from