Charity Giving Stations

We’re proud of what we do here, but not too proud to realize sometimes the best ideas come from our clients!

Teamwork is a big deal around here, and we’re always coming up with new ways to help our customers improve their skills.

But after not just a few clients came to us asking for a workshop that was all about giving, we had to stop and listen!

You spoke and we…got busy!

Charity-Giving-Stations-Team-BuildingIt’s against our very nature around here, but we put teamwork skills on the back burner for this new workshop.  That’s because so many of our clients were looking for an all-out “giving” event.

Well, you asked for it…we took our most popular charity team building workshops and combined them into one amazing event for groups who want to go big on donations!

Charity Giving Stations: how it works.

The Charity Giving Stations workshop is a little different: it’s all action and teams dive right into working on donation activities.

Of course all of our workshops are hands-on, but this one gets participants right into the thick of things immediately- bicycle parts don’t have to be “earned”, for example.  Tools don’t have to be “won” through skill-building activities.

Nope, your group arrives and pretty much dives right into the charity work!  Walk into a Charity Giving Stations workshop and you feel an immediate sense of buzzing activity.  Everyone is busy building something.

The energy is incredible because participants are not only using their hands to build things for charity, they’re moving about the room from station to station.

At the end of the day they’ll have worked on more than just one type of donation…probably two or three!

Choose from the following charity workshops we offer, to create your own personal blend for Charity Giving Stations:

You can focus on just one type of donation or go for a combo: it’s up to you!

The many ways Charity Giving Stations fits into your agenda…

Clients in the past have used this unique workshop in the following circumstances:

  • as a networking event- people are milling about so it’s a great time to meet new people
  • as an in-between event at conferences, even if all you have is one hour
  • for end-of-the-year parties where charity is the focus
  • for when there is not much time but you want to create donations
  • groups who want MAXIMUM donations!
  • extra large groups: we’ve done this workshop for groups of hundreds of people

We’re about as excited as we could be about this new workshop.  It’s all about giving, but we know there’s a whole lotta team “bonding” going on as well, so you can feel good about that too.

To learn more about Charity Giving Stations, our newest all-donation event, call us up or fill out the handy quote form you see on this page.  Whether you have 10 or 500 people, we’ll customize the event just for you- whenever and wherever you like.