Amazing Scavenger Race

Manager and coaches: both know the importance of practice. Great team players always have lots of practice under their belts, and that’s what The Amazing Scavenger Race is all about.

Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Team-Building-LogoWe designed this workshop for high-performing groups who want to put teamwork skills to the test in the “real world”. When the basics of communication, collaboration, and problem solving have already been mastered, it’s good to have lots of new ways of putting those skills to use.

Here’s how the Amazing Scavenger Race works.

We’ll take the hotspots of your city (we have courses already designed for all major cities and quite a few smaller cities) and turn them into stops on the Amazing Scavenger Race. Teams are given puzzles and clues to be solved collaboratively. Those who demonstrate great teamwork will be more successful and make it to the next stop!

Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Zany-GroupOne thing that’s required: lots of energy! We’ll have your group racing all over, solving those puzzles and checking tasks off their lists. At each point on the Race, teams must take photos to prove their success.

Those photos come in handy later, when all the teams gather back at the final meeting point. We turn all the photos into a hilarious slide show, for a grand finale. The slide show builds overall team unity, too…watch how each team responds to how the others solved their puzzles and tapped into their creative sides for the photos!

The Amazing Scavenger Race: consider it “teamwork practice”.

There is actually a “winner” to The Amazing Scavenger Race. Some points are awarded for creativity in the photos, but teamwork skills will really win the day. This looks like one giant game but participants are actually practicing important skills they’ll need in the workplace.

Here’s what it takes to succeed at The Amazing Scavenger Race:

  • communication skills
  • 100% participation from all team members
  • collaboration
  • dealing with feedback

We didn’t forget about ROI…

This workshop is probably the most high-energy and fast-paced team building workshop we run here at Bike Building for Charity. It’s the only workshop where groups are traveling all over the city, racing against the clock. It’s entertaining and sometimes even surprisingly exciting!

Of course we know you’re interested in a return for your money, too. That’s why all of our workshops are designed first and foremost around skill-building activities. We know how to take practical lessons and turn them into collaborative exercises that happen to be a lot of fun to carry out. That’s our secret by the way: a solid foundation of purpose-driven activities where fun is a natural by-product. Of course our facilitators love what they’re doing too, so the energy is always positive!

Let’s customize an Amazing Scavenger Race!

You can get in on the fun- you’re welcome to suggest places around the neighborhood where you’d like your group to visit. We’ll incorporate your suggestions into your very own customized Amazing Scavenger Race workshop.

We can also take any theme you have and work it into the Race as well. Want to focus on history? We’ll have teams racing from one historical landmark to another. Want to highlight the bicycle pathways in your neighborhood? We can have teams visit important hotspots on the bike paths.

It’s a great way to connect with your neighborhood, give your group a fun and meaningful day out of the office, and strengthen those important team skills all at once. If you’d like to schedule an Amazing Scavenger Race for your group, give us a call (or fill out the form here).