Holiday Team Building

During the holidays, we often turn our thoughts to how we can give back to the community. This is the Season of Giving, and companies know their employees love it when everyone gets involved in the giving, right down to the last person.

holiday-team-building-logo-grey-400That’s why holiday team building workshops are increasingly becoming the way companies are now celebrating the holidays at work. They combine the best of giving, celebrating, and coming together to celebrate teamwork, the community, and of course the holidays.

How Does Holiday Team Building Work?

You’ve heard of our bicycle building workshops. Well, take that concept and put a big red bow on it! Literally, we transform our regular, year-round bicycle building workshop into a holiday event for groups who want to celebrate as they give back. And yes, we can put big red bows on the bicycles your group assembles. Wait ’til you see how excited the kids get when they see those bikes!

We Make Holiday Versions of our Other Workshops Too

holiday team building with bikes and santaJust in case you’d like to try a different type of charity this year, we can take any of our charity workshops and transform them into holiday events for your group.

If it’s not bikes for local kids, it could be other types of holiday gifts- maybe for kids in shelters this time. Usually, our Bike-A-Thon™ charity workshop benefits kids who are part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, but we can work with your preferred charity.

But choose Wagon Builders™, and little red wagons full of holiday gifts can go out to kids in shelters across your community. Different workshops mean different alliances with various charitable organizations throughout the community.

Here are a few more examples of how our charity workshops can become your next holiday event:

  • Mission: Military Care. Troops stationed overseas suffer a special kind of homesickness during the holidays. It’s a lonely time to be away from family. This workshop has your group assembling holiday care packages for our military service men and women stationed far away from home. It’s a popular and age-old way to celebrate the season of giving: soldiers have appreciated goodwill and holiday cheer from all of us back home for generations. Keep the tradition alive!
  • Donate-A-Dinner™. Here’s another traditional way to participate in the season of giving. Donate hot meals to those who need it, especially during the holidays when going hungry is so difficult, what with memories of past seasons when things may have been better. This charity workshop has your group competing to gather points. The more points they get, the more dinners they get to donate. Everyone gets into this one, which makes for a great holiday party scene!

Book Early for Holiday Workshops

It looks as if holiday team building workshops with a charitable twist are more popular than ever. Last year we had our biggest year yet, and many clients were booking in early Fall for their holiday events.

Whether you need mostly a party, mostly a team building event, or mostly a way to give back, we can customize your holiday workshop to be just the way you need it to be. Call us and we can get started on yours today.