The Bicycle Team Building Event combines philanthropic giving with a fun, light-spirited look at personality styles and how they affect our interactions in the workplace. We know that your group may have individuals coming in from all over the world who may or may not even know each other, so we take the time to listen to your needs and customize each bicycle team building event to help you meet those needs.

These bicycle team building workshops help your team recognize how each member brings a distinct personality to the group, and with this recognition comes understanding and appreciation for both their talents and their differences.

How do we get there from here?

We incorporate these aspects into learning experiences which provide your team the problem solving skills necessary to earn the tools and bicycle parts to build new bicycles for children in the local community. The challenges in a bike build charity event will have your teams working under pressure and loving every minute of it! The conclusion to the bicycle team building event is the realization that each component of a team is critical to its overall success and that we accomplish more when we resolve issues together.

We believe in creating significant positive change withinin your organization and within your community!

Length: 2 1/2 hours, can be customized to fit your time frame.
Donation: Making arrangements with the receiving organization is part of the service we offer. When possible we try to have representatives attend the end of your workshop for a goose bump closing!
Combo: Many of our clients combine a bike build team building event with one of our classroom workshops for a full day of training. Please contact us for a custom quote.